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Horizonal is meant to be something different comparing to the one page themes on the market. It features a unique and different layout with a horizontal navigation.

The one page concept gives your visitors the ability to see the whole content without refreshing the page. The theme loads extremely fast even if it has LOTS of elements and images. It’s optimized for fast loading and it only loads the elements whenever needed(the hidden content is NOT loaded and we’re using custom lazyload for the images, loading them only when they should be visible on the screen). With a caching plugin, the theme should rock, in speed terms! It also depends a lot on the server and host you’re using.

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Main Features:

Why buy from TeoThemes?

You may ask if there’s any reason on choosing us over the competition. We may not be the best, but we’re constantly trying to improve and come up with different ideas and features you don’t usually see on the market. We’re not offering only a theme here, we’re selling a complete deal. We have a total of over 6,500 sales in one page / single page WordPress themes with most of the customers being extremely happy with their purchase. The theme will be updated for at least 12 months, in order to work with all the new WordPress updates.

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We deliver! You can check our other themes and the comments sections to see our support, we answer every single customer query! Everything that’s related to the features we advertise will be offered to you!

Ok, enough with the words, let’s see some back-end pictures!

I will upload here pictures from the back-end and elaborate a little bit on how the theme works. The main layout uses the Aqua Page Builder, making it easy to create any kind of layout you want without knowing coding! You just create your layout, pick it in the page and that’s all!


Horizonal can easily be translated in any other language you want, you can find the po and mo language files in the /languages/ folder, just translate them with PoEdit. By default the theme includes the default english translation


Well documented theme.

You’re new to Wordpress? Or just want to easily learn how to use our theme? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our documentation is very extensive and covers all the features including page templates, shortcodes, homepage and even how to install the theme!

Sample data included

The following files and images were used in this theme, thanks to everyone!



VERSION 1.2 – 15 NOVEMBER 2014


The images in this template are used only for preview not in download file: http://www.artofjose.com/site/http://dorshamir.blogspot.in/

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Last updated

17 November 2014 (2022 days ago)

Support included:

6 months

Rating: 6.4/10 (17 reviews)
Updates included
Hero image
Font Awesome
Google Fonts
Gutenberg optimized
CSS Animations
2 No. of Columns

Primary colors:


Secondary colors:

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If you are looking for the perfect WP theme, then you can't go wrong with Horizonal. Please note that themesort.com doesn't provide nor link to nulled themes; we simply archive and sort thousands of WordPress themes (both free and premium) - grabbing data from each template such as its colors, columns and more. Given that there are over 50,000 Wordpress themes in existence, this is no easy feat!

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