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<h2>Highly Customizable Multipurpose WordPress Theme</h2><p>One of new professional modern multi-purpose WP theme at ThemeForest marketplace. Powerful features – Responsive Layout, Groovy Mega Menu Plugin, Best drag and drop builder WPBakery, Bestselling Slider Revolution, Awesome Layer Slider, ConvertPlus, WooCommerce, Massive, Ultimate Addons. Ajax Cart, RTL, Easy Fast Oneclick Demo Import Installation, Parallax, Beginners friendly, Multisite, Gallery, SEO Ready, Flat Simple, Minimal. Create Personal, Corporate, One page Landing, Blog, Digital store, Elegant Portfolio, Shop, eCommerce, Magazine, Events, Software, Business, Finance site for Agency, Artist, Blogger, Creative Photographer, Craft Startup Company, Musician, Designer.</p><a>Business</a><p>Crane is suitable for the eCommerce websites such as supermarket, furniture, organic, fashion, electronics, pet, sport, spa, yoga, game, fashion kid and digital marketplace(you can use portfolio widget with custom fields) and sell with paddle or gumroad.</p><p>“We’ve created an incredibly flexible and simple tool for site building.” Grooni Team</p><h2>Full List of Features</h2><strong>WPBakery Page Builder </strong><strong>Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder </strong><strong>Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder </strong><strong>Slider Revolution </strong><strong>Layer Slider </strong><strong>Groovy </strong><strong>Mega Menu Plugin </strong><strong>GDPR </strong><strong>GDPR Compliant </strong><strong>WordPress 5.0 </strong><strong>Retina </strong><strong>WPBakery </strong><strong>mega menu </strong><strong>Quick </strong><strong>Easy installation </strong><strong>One click </strong><strong>import </strong><strong>Boxed & Wide </strong><strong>150+ </strong><strong>Layouts </strong><strong>One Page </strong><strong>Customizable </strong><strong>Updates </strong><strong>Styling </strong><strong>unlimited colors </strong><strong>Header Layouts </strong><strong>Portfolio Grid </strong><strong>Blog layouts </strong><strong>2000 Icons </strong><strong>clipart images </strong><strong>Google Maps </strong><strong>Gutenberg </strong><strong>#GetGutenbergReady </strong><strong>Parallax </strong><strong>CSS3 Animations </strong><strong>Sidebars </strong><strong>Child Theme </strong><strong>Animated Appearance </strong><strong>WooCommerce </strong><strong>Contact Form 7 </strong><strong>WPML </strong><strong>AJAX </strong><strong>Loco translate </strong><strong>RTL </strong><strong>Elements </strong><strong>Documentation </strong><strong>Support Portal </strong><h2>Beginner Friendly</h2><strong>1 Click </strong><strong>demo import </strong><strong>demos included </strong><strong>Plugins included </strong><strong>documentation </strong><strong>support </strong><strong>RTL </strong><h2>GDPR Compliant Wordpress Theme</h2><strong>Compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) </strong><span>Crane 1.3.0 adds new tools for GDPR compliance. </span><a>Documentation</a><h2>New Demos on the way…</h2><a>Cargo, Logistic & Transportation</a><a>Barber Shop & Haircut Salon</a><a>Education</a><a>Yoga, Spa</a><a>Wedding & Marriage</a><h2>7 Must have wordpress plugins included</h2><h3>WPBakery Page Builder</h3><span>Nobody likes to waste time when building site pages, so WordPress has developed </span><strong>WPBakery </strong><span>Page Builder with amazing functions. Also, known as </span><strong>Visual Composer </strong><span>, you can build site pages quickly even if you lack any particular programming skills. It has several easy to use modules and interface elements that are based on its widget library. This is going at $45 and proves to be a popular page builder by most customers. </span><h3>Ultimate Addons and Massive Addons</h3><span>WordPress has increased the quality in every sense of the word of its two addons for </span><strong>WPBakery </strong><span>(formerly </span><strong>Visual Composer </strong><span>). They have various extra widgets and settings that help you to expand the use of the page builder. These plugins will enable you to create any page design that you fancy. It boasts of having modern interface elements such as buttons, progress bars, tabs, infographics elements and animation features. Separately from Crane these addons are priced at $50. </span><h3>Slider revolution and Layer Slider</h3><strong>Slider Revolution </strong><span>and </span><strong>Layer Slider </strong><span>are priced at $48. These plugins have tons of functionalities that can add on your site visual effects. The various </span><strong>animated headers </strong><span>, </span><strong>paralax </strong><span>, </span><strong>post sliders </strong><span>and </span><strong>galleries </strong><span>. </span><h3>Convert Plus</h3><span>This </span><strong>popup </strong><span>plugin was formerly called </span><strong>ConvertPlug </strong><span>and is priced at $21. It is a notable plugin on your website that has various functions including creating, managing and using a </span><strong>popup </strong><span>windows. WordPress has revolutionized the way website operates. This plugin has a number of functions such as making </span><strong>popup </strong><span>and collect email addresses from your customers. The </span><strong>popup </strong><span>has several features including image sliders, video social network buttons, WordPress widgets info blocks, and built-in forms. It can easily help you </span><strong>convert leads </strong><span>into </span><strong>sales </strong><span>and </span><strong>subscribers </strong><span>. </span><h3>Groovy Mega Menu</h3><p>This exclusive plugin is from Grooni who developed Crane theme. You will get a kick out of Groovy menu as you can set and create different types of a menu on your website. Customization is easy as you can use colors, fonts, add effects. crane-icons</p><strong>Grooni </strong><strong>Crane theme </strong><strong>Groovy menu </strong><h3>RTL Support</h3><p>Any potential language barrier is solved with two basic components: RTL + WPML or Polylang the pages, menu, footers will be fully multilingual, and the rest is done.</p><strong>RTL </strong><strong>WPML </strong><strong>Polylang </strong><h2>Why should you get the Crane Theme?</h2><strong>professional </strong><strong>without knowledge </strong><strong>multipurpose </strong><strong>Clean </strong><strong>trendy </strong><strong>documentation </strong><strong>SEO Ready </strong><strong>Powerful blog </strong><strong>simple demo import </strong><strong>theme installation </strong><strong>mega menu </strong><strong>selling digital items </strong><strong>physical goods </strong><strong>WooCommerce </strong><strong>Gumroad </strong><strong>Paddle </strong><h2>Blog Features</h2><span>Crane has more impressive tools for </span><strong>creating </strong><span>and </span><strong>managing </strong><span>a blog. The blog functional is implemented in the form of Wordpress posts and as </span><strong>blog widget </strong><span>and can be added in any place in the content area. You can use text, graphic, audio, video, link, quote post type. You can choose from an </span><strong>infinite range of choices </strong><span>when editing your blog and changing its layout. </span><strong>Classic </strong><span>, </span><strong>Modern </strong><span>, </span><strong>Cell </strong><span>, </span><strong>Grid </strong><span>and </span><strong>Masonry </strong><span>styles are available. </span><p>You can add Visual Composer widgets to the pages, customize sidebars, integrate a blog on any pages use widget and many other possibilities. Crane is really an ultimate tool for creating and managing a blog.</p><h2>Portfolio, Gallery, Showcase</h2><span>Your works or products will have noticed by your visitors. Crane offers a great range of choices for creating your </span><strong>portfolio </strong><span>or a </span><strong>gallery </strong><span>. You will find a lot of different ways of the gallery, portfolio and catalog display such as classic, masonry, cells, and modern style. Each style additionally offers many design options. You can customize the number of columns, size, color, type, hover effects add custom fields. </span><h2>Professional and Friendly Support</h2><p>Stuck? Need help? Visit our online documentation and FAQ, or create a ticket via support portal.</p><a>documentation</a><a>FAQ</a><a>ticket</a><h2>Media about us</h2><h3>Top 20 Most Popular Highly Customizable WordPress Themes For Multiple Purposes 2018</h3><a>Top 20 Most Popular Highly Customizable WordPress Themes For Multiple Purposes 2018</a><h3>Crane theme review</h3><a>Crane theme review</a><p></p><a></a><h2>Showcase</h2><p>We can’t wait to see what you have created with Crane theme. If you are proud with your site, please submit it to our showcase.</p><a>submit</a><a></a><a></a><a></a><a></a><a></a><a></a><a></a><a></a><h2>System requirements</h2><p>To use Crane theme you should ensure your website is operating on WordPress 4.8 or greater version.</p><strong>Crane </strong><strong>WordPress 4.8 </strong><h4>MINIMUM SERVER REQUIREMENTS</h4><p>For correct work of Crane theme, hosting must meet the following requirements:</p><a>PHP</a><a>MySQL</a><a>MariaDB</a><a>enabled</a><p>We recommend Apache or Nginx as the web server since they are the most reliable and functional. Though, in most cases, any server supporting PHP and MySQL will work well.</p><a>Apache</a><a>Nginx</a><h4>MINIMUM PHP LIMIT SETTINGS</h4><p>Many problems you may face, such as failure of data update, failure of data import, “white screen”, “empty content page”, etc. arise due to low limits in PHP configuration. We recommend to set the following minimum limits for php.ini:</p><h2>Now in progess</h2><strong>Expected release date – April 5, 2019 </strong><h2>New functions every week! Suggestions for future updates?</h2><span>Help shape Crane’s future. Crane was built for you. Every single customer suggestion/request will be considered and many will be implemented. Crane is going to keep adding new amazing goodies and your suggestions will shape the direction. So make sure to join the Crane mastermind community group and get involved. Crane is here for the long term. Send your astonishing </span><a>ideas</a><span>for next update </span><h2>Change log</h2><p>Detailed changelog with screenshot and images view here</p><a>view here</a><strong>Version 1.4.6 – March 15, 2019 </strong><strong>Version – March 8, 2019 </strong><strong>Version 1.4.5 – March 6, 2019 </strong><strong>Version 1.4.4 – February 11, 2019 </strong><strong>Version 1.4.2 – December 17, 2018 </strong><strong>Version 1.4.1 – December 11, 2018 </strong><strong>Version 1.4.1 – December 10, 2018 </strong><strong>Version 1.3.9 – November 30, 2018 </strong>

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